A Novel Result of Biotechnology

Yokosan is an organic, liquid, biological fertiliser based on potassium, humate, water extract of worm casting and beneficial microorganisms. It is a dark-brown liquid with a pH between 9-10. It is enriched with humic acids, iron, manganese, zinc and copper. The product does not contain synthetic additives or genetically modified organisms. It is an ECOCERT organic-certified product.

Key Benefits:

  • The product helps to develop a powerful root system to enable early growth.
  • Applying Yokosan makes plants more tolerant to frosts, droughts, salinity and biotic stress.
  • The application rate is 1 litre per hectare and 3 applications per season.
  • The nutrients of Yokosan are easily assimilated by plants. The shelf life is 36 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • It is a safe and natural fertiliser and does not have any harmful effects on the environment.
  • It reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers.

Key Features:

  • Yokosan is a powerful organic liquid biological fertiliser for plant growth and development.
  • Yokosan contains natural soil microflora, microelements and the salts and minerals necessary for the balanced nutrition of plants.
  • Yokosan contains potassium humate which improves plant metabolism.

How it Works:

Yokosan penetrates the plant and affects it on a cellular level. The humate content of Yokosan raises the germination rate of seeds, accelerates plant development, increases resistance to drought, frosts and radiation. It increases cellular energy, facilitating the formation of chlorophyll, vitamin С, sugar, amino acids, and other important structural substances.

What to expect: Rose
• Increases the shoot and leaf growth of the rose.
• Shortens the time to full blossoming by 3 – 5 days.
• Increases the dry content (weight) of the blossom.
What to expect: Vine
• Shortens time to harvest by 10 – 15 days.
• Increases the sugar content in the grapes up to 2%.
• Decreases the nitrate content of the ripe grapes by up to 50%. Increases the possible storage period of the grapes by 1 -3 days.
What to expect: Fruit
• Shortens time to harvest by 5-14 days.
• Increases the content of sugar up to 1%.
• Increases the possible storage period of the picked fruits by 1 -3 days.
Application (during planting):

Apply 1 Litre per Hectare. Mix with 1000 Litre of water.

Application (After 30 days from first application):

Apply 1 Litre per Hectare. Mix with 1000 Litre of water.

Application (After 30 days from second application):

Apply 1 Litre per Hectare. Mix with 1000 Litre of water.

The visual effect of fertilisation using Yokosan:

There is an increase of root biomass in treated plants along with an increase of the ability to survive the winter and adapt to stressfull conditions. Yokosan enables a higher resistance to disease, causes a darkening of the pigmentation of the leaves and increases the storage life of the crops after harversting.

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