A Controlled Release Formulation of Novaluron for Control of Mosquito Larvae


Long lasting slow release formulation, saturation point parts per billion with dirking water (WHO approved)

Can be use for small scale water source up to 10 liters by 1gram tablet

Control all kind of mosquito larvae including


Remain on dry condition
Dose not become ineffective like other larvicide like Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (bti)
Ideal for standing water in flower pots, water tank, tree holes, tyres, shallow drain, construction tanks, roof top tanks and small- and large-scale stagnant water sources
Efficacy up to 90 days



MOSQUITON 0.8 P Novaluron Insecticide can be used in governmental mosquito control programs, by professional pest control operators, by homeowners or in other mosquito or midge controloperations.

Application Rates for MOSQUITON 0.8 P

Water Volume
Number of Pellets
(Low organic matter):
Number of Pellets
(Low organic matter):
Application rate
10 or less 1 2 1 – 2
50 5 10 5 – 10
250 25 50 25 – 50
500 50 100 50 – 100
1250 125 250 125 – 250

*Each pellet weight is one gram (0.12 ppm for 10L water)
When using Mosquiton to treat small mosquito breeding sites such as containers, inhibition of larval development can last up to 3 months. After time larvae may appear but will not develop into adults. One application should provide season long control. Do not over apply.

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