Antario is a biorational product in powder form, with Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki as its active ingredient in a 0.1% microbial formula.
Antario works by producing an endotoxin inside the insect larvae, quickly stopping the insect from feeding and then eliminating it. It is effective for the control of larvae of fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda.

Antario is not authorized for sale as an insecticide in the UK and is intended for export only. Its use is subject to local authorization. Customers must read the label and verify compliance with local legislation before use.

safe biodegradable
effective solution

Mode of Action:
• Antario is a wettable powder containing a special formulation of BT that makes it more powerful than regular BT insecticides.
• The microbial mix in the formula provides an additional insect-targeting action, making it more vulnerable to the synergistic effect of Abamectin and BT.
• Eliminates larvae when ingested. Natural, eco-friendly solution.

Target Crops

Mix 75 – 125 g Antario per 100 ml water.

Adjust the proportions and prepare appropriate volume for the area being sprayed.

Spray crops every 7-14 days.

Apply 1 Litre per Hectare. Mix with 1000 Litre of water.

Leave for 3 days after spraying before harvesting.

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