Fytomax is a biorational product based on neem seed extract, with an active ingredient of 0.1% Azadirachtin.

A safe & effective
bio-rational solution

Mode of Action:
• Fytomax is an ovipositional deterrent and acts as an ovicide.
• Fytomax controls target pests by contact or by ingestion.
• Fytomax is an appetite suppressant, thus slowing down and eventually stopping existing FAW damage.
• Fytomax has multiple modes of action, but primarily works very well when combined with Biotrine.

Fytomax is not authorized for sale as an insecticide in the UK and is intended for export only. Its use is subject to local authorization. Customers must read the label and verify compliance with local legislation before use.

Target Crops

Mix 250 ml Fytomax with 50 ml of Biotrine per 100 L water.

This insecticide will protect crops from fall armyworm invasion for 10-12 days.

Spray crops every 7-14 days.
Leave for 3 days after spraying before harvesting if applied in combination with Biotrine.

If applied on its own, leave for 0-1 days.

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