Fytomax is a biorational product based on neem seed extract, with an active ingredient of 0.1% Azadirachtin.

A safe & effective
bio-rational solution

Mode of Action:
• Fytomax is an ovipositional deterrent and acts as an ovicide.
• Fytomax controls target pests by contact or by ingestion.
• Fytomax is an appetite suppressant, thus slowing down and eventually stopping existing FAW damage.
• Fytomax has multiple modes of action, but primarily works very well when combined with Biotrine.

Target Crops

Mix 250 ml Fytomax with 50 ml of Biotrine per 100 L water.

This insecticide will protect crops from fall armyworm invasion for 10-12 days.

Spray crops every 7-14 days.
Leave for 3 days after spraying before harvesting if applied in combination with Biotrine.

If applied on its own, leave for 0-1 days.

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