Biotrine provides a synergistic blend of Abamectin and plant extracts to stimulate the crop’s natural defence and protect it from insect pests.

natural biorational
& ovicide

Mode of Action:
• Biotrine is a larvacide, affecting the 1st and 2nd instars (FAW larvae). It triggers the plants’ defence systems to combat pathogens, limit- ing the possibility for secondary infection through the open wounds caused by fall armyworm.
• Biotrine assists the plant in preparing against further attacks from the newly-hatched larvae.
Provides protection against early and advanced leaf damage caused by fall armyworm.

Biotrine is not authorized for sale as an insecticide in the UK and is intended for export only. Its use is subject to local authorization. Customers must read the label and verify compliance with local legislation before use.

Target Crops


How to use Biotrine

Foliar application with translaminar movement in leaves to effectively control the larvae of lepidopteran pests.
In combination with Fytomax, prolongs its effect.
50-60 ml /100 L of water Apply every 14 days or when required.

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