Coverta Bio NPK

Converta Bio NPK is a liquid bio-fertiliser meticulously crafted to supercharge plant growth and yield while reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers. Packed with a potent blend of nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azotobacter chrococcum), phosphorus (Bacillus megaterium var. Phosphaticum), and potassium solubilising bacteria (Bacillus mucilaginosus), Converta Bio NPK is nature’s key to unlocking the hidden treasure of nutrients residing within the soil. The bacteria will colonise on the root zone, improving crop growth, yield, and quality of the crops.

Key Benefits:

  1. Fixes atmospheric nitrogen.
  2. Makes phosphorus and potassium available to the plant.
  3. Reduce fertiliser use substantially.
  4. Reduces the leaching of nitrogen and phosphates into water bodies.
  5. Adds beneficial microbes to the soil.
  6. Ultimately enhance plant vigour and increase yield.

What to expect:

  1. Up to 50% reduction in chemical fertiliser use.
  2. Reduction in carbon foot print.
  3. Improve crop quality and stronger root system
  4. Higher yield with lower cost.

Application Information:

  • Dosage: Recommended application rate is 6 litres of Converta per hectare per season.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most of the bio-stimulant and bio-fetilisers including Yokosan and Recharge.
  • Application Method: Can be applied via fertigation system, ensuring efficient delivery to plants.

Target Crops:

Converta Bio NPK is suitable for application across a broad spectrum of crops, including arable crops (Wheat, Maize, Barley, Rice), potatoes, grass, field vegetables, cover crops and lawn, Turf and green landscape.

Trial updates:

A trial was conducted on the winter wheat cultivar Skyfall in Northamptonshire (NN6LG), UK. The results of the trial revealed that, on average, grain yield increased by 22.02% (14.02 tons/ha) in plots treated with both 100% NPK and Converta compared to control plots receiving 100% NPK alone. Following closely, plots treated with 75% NPK and Converta exhibited a yield increase of 15.73% (13.19 tons/ha). Additionally, plots receiving 50% less NPK and Converta Bio NPK than the recommended rates showed a yield increase of 14.78% (13.03 tons/ha) compared to control plots receiving 100% NPK. These findings suggest that Converta has the potential to enhance yield and reduce fertilizer usage when compared to plots treated solely with 100% NPK under standard farming practices.